New Capitol IT - Built on 23 Years of Real Florida Government Sales Success

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New Capitol IT - Built on 23 Years of Real Florida Government Sales Success

Completed in August of 1977, Florida’s new capitol hosted its first legislative session in the spring of 1978.  Since then, the new capitol has served as the epicenter of Florida government.

I came to Tallahassee in 1981 as a young sales manager for Sperry Univac when the “new capitol” was still actually new.  At that time, Sperry Univac was the provider of mainframe computers for several agencies including the Departments of Revenue, General Services and Agriculture.  In 1984, I was transferred to Jacksonville and returned to Tallahassee in 1992 -  I have been here ever since.

For a total of 23 years, I led teams selling Information Technology (IT) products and services to the State of Florida - everything from PCs to highly complex business processing services.  While the IT world has changed dramatically since those days, some things have remained virtually the same.

Florida is still a very large state that awards very large contracts. And after much iteration over two decades, Florida’s statewide IT governance structure still continues to change. Competition is still relentless and the procurement process is still extremely complex.  The line between winning and losing in Florida can be incredibly thin - and difficult to see.  Florida’s ITN process is certainly not for the faint of heart.  After years of pursuit effort, many months of negotiations and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on bid costs, the recommended award is based on “best value” generally determined by a majority vote of a state negotiation team.  It is a daunting process and one that I have been through many times.

After leading sales teams in Florida for 23 years, I may not have seen it all, but I have seen most of it.  I have won many deals in Florida and lost my share too.  But whether I won or lost, I learned something every time that helped me better lead my team on the next deal.

After carrying a quota every year for over 30 years, believe me - I get it.  My firm, New Capitol IT is squarely focused on this single mission – helping you win and win with integrity.  I look forward to helping your firm reach new levels of success in Florida.

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